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Peter University Achina-Onneh License Approved on this day the 12th of May 2020 at Abuja, Nigeria.

The Peter University Achina-Onneh License Certificate Approved

Peter University Achina-Onneh: The Catholic Church, on this day the 12th of May 2020 through Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor of Catholic Dioceses of Awka and Ekwulobia received the glorious: “License for the operation of Peter University by the Hon. Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu in Abuja; with serial No. 108.” Nigeria.

Peter University Achina-Onneh certificate of operation.
Peter University Achina-Onneh: License Certificate for Peter University Achina-Onneh

Peter University Achina-Onneh: Memory! We will Continue To Support Progress.

Achina, and Onneh town share common boundaries in the old Aguata LGA; but now belong to different LGA in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Achina in Aguata LGA is a great town in Anambra State Nigeria.

Onneh is a town in Orumba North LGA in Anambra State Nigeria.

We have seen towns who share common boundaries where University are sited.

Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), enjoy relationship with Ihiagwa, Umuchima, Eziobodo, Obinze. Just like others.

Drone picture of Achina Town one of the host community of Peter University Achina-Onneh
Achina Town Pic: Copied from Mbara Orie Achina TV (Moatv).

Peter University Achina-Onneh is already a blessing to the people of Achina and Onneh; including other neighboring towns like Ogboji, Aguluezechukwu, even up to Umuchu, Akpo, Amesi, Uga, Nkpologwu, etc.

Abuja Picture of certificate handover of Peter University Achina-Onneh
Handover of Peter University License Certificate

Peter University Achina-Onneh: Some of Our Benefits

The vision of sitting a private Catholic institution of higher learning in any location, brings good things around.

This day, we need to Thank God it has materialized.

Development! Is here!

Even our neighbors will reap the good fruits that will never cease from the establishment and approval of the Peter University Achina-Onneh as licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Federal Ministry of Education headed by Mallam Adamu Adamu on this day the 12th of May 2020.

The people of Achina and Onneh town will now start accommodating and providing resources and subsidiary services etc, to even visitors and scholars, Government, professionals, Clergy men and great women and men of Academic prowess!

Glory Be to God!

Yes! There has been a lot of arguments why the two Towns name on the license Certificate?

Initially, on the onset, we mentioned other communities enjoying relationships for University (higher Institution), sited on their location. Achina and Onneh like others has this relationship to enjoy.

Should we not be happy with the situation of things, where in the wisdom of the authorities, it all arrived at “Peter University Achina-Onneh.”

Yes! Water passed under the bridge and have settled at a point of harvest.

However, Should we not also accept the fate Church wise, and forge ahead for development?

Welcome Development

The Achina people and Onneh has a lot to benefit.

Benefits is more important now, than the town name that should appear on bill board.

Many has challenged that UNIZIK was sited on land stretching both to Amansea, but it remained UNIZIK Awka; which is not the only landlord of the institution.

Some younger once, mentioned why not call it “Peter University Amaiyi.” while some chuckled at it, Amaiyi L. G. A was a defunct Aguata South Area, formally declared an operational L. G. A back in 1982, by the First Civilian Governor of Anambra State to visit Achina as the Headquarters of Amaiyi LGA (Aguata South), His Excellency Chief Jim Nwaobodo.

Important things

Now! Achina people and Onneh should and have been believed to have accepted the fact that Peter University Achina-Onneh is now recognized by the Government as what is licensed.

What Then, should the people of Achina and Onneh be asking for?

Should the people not push to win the below as suggested by BrainPower:

People living around a sited higher institutions, whether private, government owned, has a lot of benefits to enjoy. Let’s focus on the benefits!

Authorities and citizens enjoying the privilege of having an institution of higher learning should just explore its positive benefits.

Opportunities abounds for citizens even miles around a sited institution of higher learning.

There should be Endless Opportunities:

  1. Craftsmanship: as many that can offer services on the area of handworks, builders, meson, concrete mixers, painters, artists, etc.
  2. Scholars will start making more progress because academic prowess needs to be sustained. There will surely be indigenous people of the area that will benefit from the institution located at their area. Tap into it. And the community authorities should focus on:

Securing jobs opportunities for the people, while individuals should start creating subsidiary services to serve the institution and the students.

Then Community security network will become more intelligent business than casual security before the institution arrival.

Yes! Like others argued, the private University, and by the Church, may be monopolized. But it can never be true.

The people needs job in University sited in their area. That is obvious.

Local Expectations from Host Community Peter University Achina-Onneh

The Catholic Church ought to be accommodative which can be voted for, that the church will surely continue to play well enough to also recognize the Landlords and even Landladies of the institution location in a round table forever beneficial engagement.

Admission slots for the host communities, Youthful developmental programs and projects investments, within the host communities, Don work, preferences should not be kept aside to appease even the gods! Of the land.

No doubt the catholic university is a welcomed development, we urge everyone to join hand for a robust development stocked in the approval granted by the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Education for the operation of Peter University Achina-Onneh.


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