July 25, 2024
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Gallery Free Biogas Training By EMM

Free Biogas Training By EMM Achina. The Everyone Matters Movement (EMM) held free training on Biogas!

Free Biogas Training: what you need to know about EMM
Why Everyone Matters Movement: need to be part of the Free Biogas training.


Free Biogas Training By EMM

Biogas is a mixture of gases, produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste, food and kitchen waste.

It is one of the clean renewable energy sources that the world is diverting to. It is safe & non-explosive unlike your normal LPG.

How it works

The system simply digests waste and gives you energy & also produces liquid fertiliser, thereby solving multiple problems at once, especially waste management.

The target of this first training was to produce at least 70 certified Bio-technicians from Aguata, who will be experts on building Biogas systems (production, purification & storage technology).

They can start a business instantly and employ at least another 70 more people, creating direct & indirect employment opportunities.

EMM Executive for the Free Biogas Training By EMM

The Everyone Matters Movement (EMM) National Exco (Town Coordinators) had a physical meeting on the 8th of May 2022 at Ekwulobia, Lorgat Hotels precisely.

And came up with stronger plans towards the Biogas free training.

The Excos are from the 14 towns in Aguata LGA in Anambra State Nigeria.

This Team of professionals, proudly sponsored by Hon George Ezulike.

Here are few professionals of Everyone Matters Movement in a physical Meeting


EMM is a volunteer movement powering development at the grassroots level through Civic Driven Change that brings together corporates, local government bodies, individuals, institutions, media and larger civic society.

Free Biogas Training by EMM Achina Take Note

EMM is not a political structure. It is also not for everybody.

It is only for genuine citizens who share the vision, & are willing to contribute their time, effort and expertise, to leave our immediate society better than we met it.

EMM go by the phrase Change Makers & live it.

“In everything we do we exemplify all the changes we want to see in our society in every little way possible, from transparency and good governance to accountability and community development and everything in between.

There is no greater truism than the fact that our society, needs exemplary leaders and followers to build its polity and make the citizenry enjoy the dividends of democracy.”

The Founder EMM

This movement was founded by Dr. ONYEKACHI EZULIKE to build ethical, competent and capable leaders and produce a new genre of public leadership that serves the people and delivers on governance at every level.

Leadership for results and positive impact is a mission that EMM has determined to make the most important conversation on the public space.

Our mission is to elevate the “Office of the Citizen” to its rightful place in the society and develop a class of servant-leaders.

The movement is designed to attract, develop and produce a new generation of public leaders, who will listen and serve the new class of citizens that know their rights as well as –

Produce 21st Century leaders who will be known for their “values-driven character, unquestionable competence and undeniable capacity.

EMM members stand out in every community.

This critical mass of disruptive thinkers and doers will ensure social justice & change in our society, starting from Aguata.

Social Change Wheel

“Our activities & social intervention will follow our Social Change Wheel, which includes:

  1. Philanthropy
  2. Community Economic Development
  3. Deliberative Dialogue
  4. Voting & Formal Political Activities
  5. Informal Associations (Mutual Aid)
  6. Socially Responsible Daily Behaviour
  7. Community Based Participatory Research
  8. Advocacy
  9. Community Organising
  10. Charitable Volunteerism
  11. Social Entrepreneurship
  12. Protests (Demonstrations)
  13. Community Building

At the centre of EMM’s strategy is collaboration, networking and bringing individuals, communities, stake holders and organisations together to solve real problems in our community, and achieve sustainable change for equal society.” Dr George Ezulike Founder EMM.

Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green is the Chief Coordinator of Everyone Matters Movement (EMM) –

And was the Coordinator of the 1st Episode of the popular Achina Scholarship Exam, powered by EMM.

Fetch the history of Achina by Nweke Ifeanyi Green titled Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages an ebook which it’s BrainPower edition has been launched on this site.

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