April 19, 2024

Green Opinion

Green Opinion tag on BrainPower is regarded the opinion of the author: Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

The Green

Green is the CEO Brainpowerplanet.com representing BrainPower.

Every post on BrainPower with this tag, represent the opinion of the author of the article: Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

Opinion tag

When a special blog post is made, most times it requires whose opinion is registered. On such case, many blog readers consider the content to be the opinion of the writer and not the institution or people or group mentioned or in focus.

See this  tag as private and not the institution or people; especially on a post requesting for one’s opinion.


An opinion is expected to be lively. On BrainPower, we strive hard in presenting to our readers a bankable article. The article on our site with this tag is considered original and lively; is why is Green!

CEO, BrainPowerPlanet.com

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