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Most ladies rejects their village Men engagement ring photo

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Most ladies rejects their village men this days. Marriage is a beautiful system ordained by

Most ladies rejects their village men this days.

Marriage is a beautiful system ordained by God. Is sacrosanct as we know.

Women are beautiful and equally wonderful by nature.

Men are strong, yet they need a shoulder to lean on.

Marriage is the union of both a man and a woman; that connects in relationship the both partners and their relatives.

In the case of culture, a case study in a singled part of the earth, reviewed that “Most Ladies Rejects their village men.”

Now, we may choose to agree with the above, argue it, or disagree with the opinion. Follow me.

Let’s look into possibilities around the opinion quoted above; benefits, reasons, cultural opinions etc.,:

Why most men don’t marry from their village

Most men why don’t they marry from their village?

You will be surprised it could be a little thing.

Men are one creature driven by nature. When is time, a young boy turns into being a man with accompanied coarse voice, into maturity, and into a grown man, looking for a life partner.

At this time, most men are being pushed by nature to start thinking, acting and making serious moves into settling down with a woman. Mostly woman of choice.

In many cases, the man starts searching like other animals in their heat period. At this time, any opposite sex of class will quickly take his attention, no matter how much he pretends.

“Himm! This girl is beautiful,” a searching man will look and say inwardly for a girl of her class (picture of his choice for a woman).

Another one will attract him when he turns his face from the first immediately. “Wow! Look at this one, she looks beautiful.” He will not stop admiring his beautiful choice of woman.

Most Ladies Rejects Their Village Men : In the dating

Many will end up getting a chart, hang out; even a serious toast for engagement or dating outings. In some cases, engagement crowns the meeting.

But you know what, after all the above, and for a serious man that wants to settle down, no time for long dating.

If you date more, you incur more issues. And most of the ladies wants time to say yes! What if she say no after the time spent, when the man has no time for dating.

The dating time our Ladies may need that ought to require a lot of traditional and cultural investigation deny many marring from their village.

Should traditional investigation before marriage be jettisoned? Let’s find out.

What takes over the mind matters

In some cases, many men want to “Get fresh air” out their village. They want someone who knows nothing about them.

While some just follow civil demands based on the nature of their job or location. Whatever could be the case, their are more to the other side.

However, some mentioned, gone are the days when parents go get a woman for their son, mostly from their village, whether the man likes it or not –

Just to maintain traditional values. Now, even the parents know is the choice of partners to make.

Not minding some parents who still decides for their children. Is a matter of choice some submitted humbly.

Why most women don’t marry their village men

Most women don’t marry their village men for many reasons best known to them. Some said they want to “Get lost” out of their community.

Majority said they don’t want gossips; especially made in the village or kindred. Some don’t want to be seeing the men that proposed to them before they accept someone else.

Many pointed it was the generational relationship that bore same village marriage, after partners find each other, and culture or certain traditions says it won’t work.

Some don’t want to marry someone they knew before, let alone someone they know his story, family background, and or that grew up with them or see them grow up into a lady.

Should a man or woman marry in their village?

Why should a man or woman marry from their village?

It has a lot of advantages when both are of same village. You see, all better choices are really ok.

But let’s dig the reasons getting married with someone from your village is great.

Yes! You can choose to marry outside your village. May be for connection, or to stay away from people that know you; or the Love, yes! For Love.

Benefits when you share same culture

But for those lucky enough to get someone from their village; both for Love, they enjoy:

  1. Traditional heritage :you don’t know what you are gaining, when you marry someone from your village. The natural traditions of your village culture will be there naturally. When the man is not there, the woman nurtures the children in her culture and tradition. She barely know yours. She cook her native meal natively.
  2. When you have issues, you know where your children will be. Off course their Maternal home.
  3. Don’t forget you need to travel far like your children to your inlaw place and not often at will. If you didn’t marry from your village.
  4. You pull your native contacts together when you marry in your village.
  5. Your children has great access to a lots of traditional and cultural benefits of your village that brings your household closer to your people.

Cultural & traditional advantages when both are from the same village are unquantifiable.

Most ladies rejects their village men

The Serious Matter

Obstacles faced by the younger generation from the same village that is walking down marriage is another serious issue here.

You need to feel how it feels, after meeting someone that matches your search, and you will be told that both of you are related in one way or the other. Oops! It pains a lot.

What about when religious differences are the major issue? or gossips that is never true; especially from neighbors that never want your progress!

Don’t blame those who want to “Get lost” or “Fresh air” outside their village.

Is there any part of the world were relatives get married? Yes! Like China. Women even propose to men and marry them home in some part of the world.

Culture Matters

In Igbo land, a man culturally propose to the woman like other part of the world.

How then do we get most ladies to accept marriage from their village men?

What should be done? Because most ladies rejects their village men.

Marriage seminars and counseling very important from family to community level.

Our generation needs to know, be taught at family level why is good to marry from home. And be informed ethically on marriage issues.

Both should be aware of marriage structure that supports a healthy marriage, to avoid stories of broken homes that bring shame and pain to families.

Most women and men prefer outsider as a hiding cover; just to avoid the native gossip that will greet them when such is the case and both are from the same village.

No wonder “Most Ladies Rejects their village men.” Is why we need to beckon marriage on God who ordained it.

Choice is yours: Most Ladies Rejects Their Village Men

Also, if the problem is God’s plan for the family he ordained, you have it.

Whether you married your partner from your village; or not, the choice is always for both of you.

Marriage is the greatest natural privilege you have, to make a first class decision of your own who to live with your entire life.

Please carefully make the best choice you believe is right. And live with it.

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Most Ladies Rejects Their Village Men

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  1. Is actually common this days for women and men too. But both partners should consider each other; especially when both are from the same village for cultural development.

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