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Anaekwe Family mourn Ezeudo on this day the 21st of April 2022 at Anaekwe Family in Isi-Achina Community.

The Last Entry! Bye Ezeudo

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Chukwuemeka Felix Anaekwe last entry to Anaekwe Family

“De Polo”: Chukwuemeka Anaekwe friends: “Millennium Friends Club of South Africa” was life at Anaekwe Family in great number.

Watch condolence!

Anekwe Family Mourn Ezeudo: The Man Ezeudo

Anaekwe Family mourn Ezeudo: Late Chief Felix Chukwuemeka Anaekwe, (Ezeugonna, Ezeudo) was born on the 24th of October 1967, into the family of Chief Samuel Anaekwe Ofordile of Achina and Lolo Mrs. Victoria Anaekwe who was once the ChairLady Umuada Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina Idegwu Egbe bụrụ ọkụ asọghi.

Felix was the first child of six. He had his primary education at Abayi Umuocham primary school Aba and attended his secondary school at St. Peter’s Secondary School Achina, where he was the captain of the school football team.

Though he was popularly known as “De Polo.” He obtained his B. S. C in Economics at the University of Port-Harcourt Nigeria, and was also the Captain of the University football team.

Felix Anaekwe played for the Eagles Cement Football Club in Port-Harcourt.

He was awarded best player multiple times consecutively.

Chukwuemeka Anaekwe initiated and was the Panoroma Soccer Team and Ruimsig Soccer Team, all in West Rand Johannesburg South Africa.

Late Felix Anaekwe got married to Lolo Mrs. Adanna Anaekwe (Nee: Ezeamaku).

He was the founder of ENYINBA FRIENDS CLUB in South Africa, and was the Former President of the Millennium Friends Club and later was a Member of the club’s Board of Trustees (BOT).

He was called by Nature on the 13th of January 2022.

Jason Onyekachukwu Anaekwe for the family.

You can fetch the history of Achina Idegwu by Nweke Ifeanyi Green title “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages


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