April 15, 2024

Anambra Free Software Training, powered by HE Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Executive Governor of Anambra State, through the Solution Innovation District (SID)

Get the free software development skills offered by the Anambra State government for the digital tribe evolving in Anambra.

The “Solution is Here!” With great opportunity to learn Free Digital Skill on:

  1. Product Design
  2. Frontend Development
  3. Backend Development
  4. Mobile App Development

With the above skills, you will be technologically relevant to work with any technological company in the world, from the comfort of your location.

Incase you don’t know what it means!

This training tagged “Code Anambra” is an Anambra State Government powered project through the Solution Innovation District (SID), to empower the Youths with modern skills to develop softwares, digital products, and solutions

Anambra Free Software Training: Product Design Skill

With Product Design skill:

The learning goal of the Product Design is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to conceptualize, design, and create user-centered digital products.

Participants will learn about user research, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, and usability testing.

The focus is on developing a deep understanding of user needs and translating them into intuitive and visually appealing product designs.

Solution Innovation District

Frontend Development Skill

The Frontend Development aims to enable individuals to become proficient in building user interfaces and implementing the visual and interactive elements of digital products.

Participants will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with frameworks and libraries like React or Vue.

The goal is to empower participants to create responsive, accessible, and interactive web experiences that effectively communicate the product’s design and functionality.

SID: Solution Innovation District

Backend Development Skill

The learning goal of the Backend Development is to equip individuals with the skills necessary to build server-side logic and infrastructure that powers digital products.

Participants will learn programming languages such as Node.js (JavaScript), PHP, or Python, along with their selected frameworks.

The focus in on developing the ability to design and implement secure, scalable, and efficient backend system that enable the seamless functioning of digital products.


Anambra Free Software Training: Mobile App Development Skill

Mobile App Development aims to provide individuals with the skills to create Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Participants will learn programming languages such as Swift or Kotlin, as well as Mobile App Development frameworks like Flutter or React Native.

The goal is to enable participants to design and build Mobile Apps with intuitive user interfaces, efficient performance, and seamless integration with device capabilities, resulting in engaging and user-friendly mobile experiences.

Solution Innovation District

This is great right?

Portrait of Prof Soludo sponsor of the Anambra Free Software Training

Solution is Here!

Anambra State Government under Prof Charles Soludo Nwangbafọ is Development “everything technology and technology everywhere in Anambra State.”

Very soon, many employed people in Anambra State will loose their position if they don’t queue-in technologically.

Technological skills is the next prerequisites for employment. Take the advantage now you have it free if you are from Anambra State.

Get digital skills, you need it to succeed in today technological world.

You can’t be relevant without any technological skills in this present century.

Don’t worry about those in position now; you are the next when you have the potential skills. Government of Anambra State is offering it FREE now. Get the Solution you need.

How to Join the Anambra Free Software Training

If you are from Anambra State, Join the free Software Development Training powered by the Anambra State government through the Solution Innovation District.

Visit the Solution Innovation District Facebook page for more information.

Few digital skills training earlier conducted by the Solution Innovation District in collaboration with Wootlab Foundation and Microsoft.


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