April 16, 2024

ASATU Youths Meets Aguata Chairman Dr Chibueze Ofobuike, the Transition Committee (TC) Chairman of Aguata LGA:

On this day the 13th of July 2023 at his office.

The official visit of the Anambra State Association of Town Union (ASATU) Youths Aguata, was led by Comrd Somadina Aginam (Mayor Aguata).

Most Youth leaders across the 14 communities in Aguata LGA attended the important discussion meeting with the TC Chairman Aguata LGA.

ASATU Youths Meets Aguata Chairman: Benefits

Dr Chibueze Ofobuike made a powerful recommendations to the Aguata Youth leaders for: ” A Greater Aguata.”

The video below present the interactive session of ASATU Aguata with the Smart Aguata LGA Transition Committee Chairman Dr Chibueze Ofobuike of Umuchu.

Watch the smart TC Chairman Aguata LGA with the ASATU Youths Aguata in a community development discussion on PLANET TV

Aguata Youth leaders under the umbrella of ASATU Youths, led by the President Comrd Ken Okoli at State level, made impact.

The below Video presents the attended youth leaders and their community.

ASATU Mayor Aguata Comrd Somadina Aginam with his team of Aguata Youth leaders eulogized Aguata TC Chairman

ASATU Youths Meets Aguata Chairman: Official Pledge

For “A Greater Aguata” the Youth leaders of various communities in Aguata LGA has united with one voice to work with the TC Chairman Aguata LGA.

And in extension, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo the Executive Governor of Anambra State. Solution is Here!

Proudly sponsored by ASATU Youth Aguata through the Mayor! ASATU Media Aguata.

Bear good fruits that you will always be remembered for as a leader after you must have left office.

Keep legacy that other people will present to others when you must have left this world.

If you are lucky to be in position, the time is now to help others out of difficult situations

Dr Chibueze Ofobuike TC Chairman Aguata LGA


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