April 15, 2024
LAW-P Trained Doctors and Nurses at Amaiyi hospital event photos

Photos from LAW-P Trained Doctors and Nurses Event

LAW-P Trained Doctors and Nurses at Amaiyi General Hospital Achina on how to handle newborn babies after birth.

The League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) is a professional women Organization out to make a difference in Achina community development both in healthcare delivery and education.

On this blog post, we have embedded the training videos powered by LAW-P; so enjoy them.

Here is what this women Organization in Achina pictured; and achieved on the 23rd December 2023.

Beloved citizens of Achina Idegwu… 

The LAW-P is at it again!!!!
Having looked at how far Ama-Iyi Comprehensive Health Center is progressing,  which is very encouraging;  LAW-P has now moved to the next stage, which is ensuring that healthcare providers at Ama-Iyi are trained and up to date with the latest and evidence-based knowledge and practices that will benefit our people.

On this note, the Health Committee of LAW-P organized a one-day training for Doctors and Nurses at Ama-Iyi and other hospitals around, on Helping Babies Breathe with an Overview of Essential Newborn Care.

This training will help them to know what to do at the deliveries of all new borns, what to do for those who did not cry at birth, those that were sick and how to identify and classify newborns for optimal care and best outcome.

Not crying or breathing at birth is a major killer of babies and those that survive it may be left with life long disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

Remember that one of the targets of LAW-P was to reduce infant mortality, and trainings on how to manage a baby that run into difficulties at birth is a step in the right direction.

We plan to train a minimum of 50 Doctors and Nurses on the 23rd of December 2023 who will subsequently make a difference at all deliveries and change the narrative for some families.

In attendance, Fifty Four Nurses and Doctors attended the training.

The training was by the experts amongst us in conjunction with Consultant Neonatologists from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi.

We solicit your usual support and assistance in achieving this laudable goal.
Thank you

Dr. B. Ezenwa: Secretary LAW-P

LAW-P Trained Doctors and Nurses at Amaiyi

Watch the LAW-P Healthcare training videos organized for Doctors and Nurses at Amaiyi General hospital Achina on the 23rd of December 2023:

Healthcare Training for Doctors and Nurses organized by LAW-P at Amaiyi hospital
How to handle newborn babies after birth, a training session powered by LAW-P at Amaiyi General hospital Achina.
Digital Photobook on the Healthcare training organized at Amaiyi hospital Achina by LAW-P in collaboration with specialists.

LAW-P Trained Doctors and Nurses at Amaiyi

Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, is no doubt lucky to have this great women Organization LAW-P.

League of Achina Women Professionals has been doing well before now. This Organization deserves more; in other to do more for Achina Community.

Law-P has also gone into Education with scholarships to best students from primary and secondary schools.

As of the time of this post, LAW-P is constructing a Resource Center which will be an ICT hub and other entrepreneurial activities for the locals.

Be part of this development; invest in LAW-P they mean well for Achina Community.

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