May 21, 2024
Prof Kate Visit Achina BrainPower photos

Photos during Prof Kate Visit to Achina Community Secondary School

Prof Kate at Community School Achina now live on BrainPower.

The Anambra State Hon. Commissioner for Basic Education-

Prof Kate Omenugha Visit to the Community Secondary School (CSS) Achina now on BrainPower

The commissioner commissioned projects; led by Hon. Dame Chinyere Mbakwe.

Achina Town on this day 14th of December 2021, hosted the Dr. Willie Obiano led administration Hon. Commissioner for Basic Education Prof. Kate Omenugha with her entourage –

Led by our own Hon. Dame Chinyere Joyce Mbakwe, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Chief Willie Obiano, executive Governor of Anambra State on Secondary School monitoring in Anambra State:

For new projects she commissioned in Achina Community.

Here is the official visit of Prof Kate Omenugha at Community Secondary School Achina, where she commissioned projects.

Prof Kate at Community School Achina now live : Indigenous Efforts

However, is glorious to mention that the new Principal cum Coppers Lodge was built by the Achina Citizens living in America; through the:

Great Achina Development Association Washington Metro Inc.; led by Mr. Michael Okpala.

They renovated, and painted the dilapidated structure at Community Secondary School Achina, and gave it good look and value.

Below is the motherly address of Anambra State Commissioner for Basic Education Prof Kate Omenugha to the CSS students whom received her blessings that she foresees:

“Crown of Glory” on each of their head when they follow right track.

She urged the young students to read books delivered to the school by the Chief Dr. Willie Obiano led administration cum efforts of Prof. Uche Amazigo.

Prof Kate at Community School Achina now live

Government Intervention Project

The new class room block was built by the Anambra State Government under Dr. Willie Obiano the Executive Governor of Anambra State; as of the time of this post –

In the time of Prof. Kate Omenugha who equally commissioned the project.

The new Toilet Section of the school was the great effort of Barr. Benjamin & Mrs. Carol Allison:

Triggered by the continuous reach out by Hon. Dame Chinyere Mbakwe to both the philanthropists and the Anambra State Government.

After her miraculous unannounced visit to CSS Achina, where she incidentally discovered that the Community Secondary School has no School Toilet.

Encouraging Students through a welcome Development

The New School Library was through Prof. Uche Amazigo; whose great effort, commitment, brought the new library at CSS Achina to it’s present state:

Powered by the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation; she cried to, whose efforts fastened equipping the CSS Achina School Library;

they renovated the library and painted it; cum the Honorable Commissioner for Basic Education:

Prof Kate Omenugha who equally approved Government textbooks for CSS Achina, she commissioned this day 14th December 2021.

Prof Kate at Community School Achina now live : Good News

A lot of textbooks is now at the CSS Achina School Library.

Thanks to Dame Chinyere Mbakwe who facilitated moving the textbooks etc. Down to CSS Achina.

And Prof. Uche Amazigo (Nee: Onubogu), who invested so much on the number of school books present at Community Secondary School (CSS) Achina.

Who is Hon Dame Chinyere Mbakwe?

Hon. Dame Chinyere Mbakwe is a native of the Great Achina Idegwu Egbe bụrụ ọkụ asọghi anwụrụ in Aguata LGA; the Proprietor of a private school:

Creative Model International School Iyiowa Odekpe, one of the best schools in Ogbaru L. G. A in Anambra State Nigeria.

She was recognized by the Dr. Willie Obiano, the then Executive Governor of Anambra State, as the Honorable Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Secondary School monitoring.

“I feel good doing good,” “I love putting smiles on people’s face.”

Hon Dame Chinyere Joyce Mbakwe

Hon. Dame Chinyere Mbakwe requested from the Acting Principal to get a PTA English teacher, with promises to take good care of the teacher both financially. These are part of her good works.

Prof Kate at Community School Achina now live

Some who can not go unmentioned are:

The Priest in charge of St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Rev. Cannon Emmanuel Nwaora, Teachers of Community Secondary School Achina, NYSC members posted to CSS Achina.

Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green a Professional Blogger from Achina, captured the event.

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  1. God is Faithful unto his children through her daughter Mrs Dame Chinyere Mbakwe. May God bless you and grant all your good heart desires,Amen

  2. God bless Hon. Chinyere.
    I love your motor to put smiles on the faces of people.
    I wish everyone will do that, the world will become paradise.

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