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Late Justina Ezeogamba Burial Ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Isi-Achina (Achina), attended by His Eminence Bishop Ebere Okpalaeke, on this day 1st of September 2023.

The Ezeogamba Family mourn their late mother. Rev Father Prof. Anthony Ezeogamba must have attracted the Catholic Bishop of Ekwulobia and host of Rev. Fathers that attended.

Watch the full burial ceremony and condolences captured on PLANET TV by BrainPower for late Justina Ezeogamba Burial:

Here is the burial Church Service of Late Justina Ezeogamba at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Isi-Achina, attended by dignitaries far and near.
Don’t miss to watch the burial of Late Justina Ezeogamba and condolences from relatives, in-laws, friends and well wishers including Catholic Church organizations that added color to the event.
Condolences continued with Rev. Father Prof. Anthony Ezeogamba, Mr Peter Ogamba, Emmanuel, John Ezeogamba and others at the table, attending to sympathizers.
Gallery of Late Justina Ezeogamba Burial Church service with Bishop Okpalaeke waving.

Late Justina Ezeogamba Burial Ceremony: Biography

85 years ago, Justina Nkenyere Ezeogamba was born into the family of the late Nze Jonas Abara of Umulekwe village, Isi-Achina, and the late Monica Oguegbe of Umuchu in Aguata LGA, Anambra State.

Burial publication of Mama Biography

Mrs Justina was the surviving 2nd child of a family of three girls. Her father Jonas died when she and her other two sisters were still very tender.

Her mother remarried back to Umuchu and left Silas their uncle as whom they call for direction.

Marriage & Life

Young Justina Nkenyere Abara got married to Nze Charles Ezeogamba. But lost her husband; who left her with six children when life was becoming enjoyable.

She lived with her six children, till death came on the 28th of June 2023.

Though when she was alive, she was a busy petty trader. At a point, she had no particular business:

“Just appearing in the market early enough to buy things and resell to take care of her children’s need.”

She later started buying vegetables like green, pumpkin leaves, as well as materials like breadfruit, maize, melons, oranges, and other things she could lay her hand on.

With her business partners, they would gather this products from all the local markets around old Aguata LGA, like Orie-Achina, Ǹkwọ-Umuchu:

Afọ Ibughubu, Ǹkwọ Isuokpu/Umunze, Eke-Uhuala, etc. And they will board 911 lorry to Onitsha as early as 3:30-4am to be in Onitsha by 6am to sell them off; and take care of her children.

As Mama was getting older, she changed her business to buying bag of fish at Onitsha and retail it at Orie-Achina and Ǹkwọ-Umuchu etc.

Religious Background & Education: Late Justina Ezeogamba Burial

Mama Justina was born a Christian but not Catholic Christian. Her parents were members of Salvation Army. And she married into the Catholic family.

However, Mama Justina also known as “Chibueze” was a staunch member of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), from Onitsha Archdiocese to Akwa Diocese, and down to Ekwulobia Diocese.

She unfortunately did not go to school at all. But she love education; which underscores why she trained her four male children in education.

The Will of God

It is the will of God that every living soul will die one day. And something must lead to that. Mama Justina was struck with a protracted illness that she endured for good 17 years.

In 2006, she was diagnosed to discover that she had a hole in her heart. She battled with it to the extent of wearing a pacemaker which assisted her heart to function properly; till she died.

The entire Ezeogamba family, Umuezeanum family, Loloma village, St. Michael’s Zone, Umuezechi family, Umulekwe village and entire St. Mary’s Catholic Church Achina will greatly miss you.

Charles Ezeogamba Family

Mama Immediate Children

  • Mrs. Caroline Emele (Stainless)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Ezeogamba (Nwaezega)
  • Mr Peter Ezeogamba (Smart)
  • Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Ezeogamba
  • Mrs. Eucheria Chinyere Ezemenari

This late Justina Ezeogamba burial coverage was sponsored on BrainPower and PLANET TV by the family; through Mr Peter Ezeogamba (Smart).

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