April 15, 2024

Election & Voting: Why Nigerians Needs to be Obedient

Nigeria is a country in the almighty African Continent.

Nigeria is, and regarded: “The largest Black Race on earth.”

At this point in the history of Nigeria, is important to make an inroads in the Electoral and Voting history of Nigeria; as regards why Nigerians Needs to be Obedient.


Election simply means a process of selecting leaders to govern; mostly through voting.

In Nigeria, Election has different meaning to different people, groups and regions; including religious institutions and individuals.

Nigeria is a very large country with different languages, cultural groups, ethnicity, and regions; estimated at 200 million population, with different religious beliefs and practices.

Therefore, different groups, regions, religious institutions and even individuals believes and see Election from different perspectives.

Electoral Ideologies in Nigeria

No doubt the way Mr. A sees election in Nigeria, is different from the way Mr. B understands it; likewise regions, institutions, cultural groups, and leaders.

To some, election is time for seasonal business.

Others, is our turn.

Some, let’s exercise: “franchise.”

While some: “we can not loose it.”

No matter how every group, region, institutions etc., takes it, some one must emerge in every position.


Voting is the means by which a particular individual is elected to occupy an elective position by the electorate.

The electorates are the voters who exercise franchise using the voters card during election.

Before any National General election in Nigeria, there use to be registration of voters.

The voters registration in Nigeria is a national obligation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

INEC has offices nationwide in Nigeria, with the civic duties, among which includes Voter’s registration, Orientation, and Education.

Voter’s Registration

In the world largest black race, Voter’s registration is for Nigerian citizens who have attend the Nigeria voting age of 18 years and above.

Any citizen of Nigeria from 18 years and above is qualified to vote and be voted for; in any Nigerian election.

Whether is a general election (National) and at any level without been disqualified, with a genuine Voter’s card.

Voter’s Orientation & Education

The Voter’s Orientation & Education is the sole responsibility of both the INEC, National Orientation Agency (NOA), leaders at all levels, Institutions, Traditional Rulers, and custodians of both faith, and religious bodies.

It is very important for qualified Voters to understand why they needs to exercise their franchise.

For Good Governance, it is important to Educate the voters on the power of the Voter’s card.

Than issuing the Voter’s card to the electorate; who has the veto power on their hand to elect good leaders into positions of power to govern the people.

Once anyone is elected into position, he or she resumes an office position of power to govern the people.

If he or she is not performing well, there is what the Nigerian constitution recommends: “Power of Recall.”

The Power of Recall

The power of recall, if applied, is asking an elected person to leave office with due process; for replacement by someone else, that the people believe will perform.

Without waiting for the first person initially elected into the position to complete the tenure of the position.

Now, how informed is the Nigerian voters?

Election & Voting: Why Nigerians Needs to be Obedient

Obedience! Is a powerful word. Obedience suggests one to be humble to the core.

When one is Obedient, he or she respects and responds to a set rules, programmed to make certain things work perfectly.

But Obedience has one great enemy: “Corruption.”


Corruption is like a dangerous cancer that kills a nation gradually.

It may be difficult to be noticed by admirers.

It live in human beings who practice it and destroys everything important with dominant power that is difficult for the individual to accept the other way-round; or anything that will expose it.

Those who are corrupt, hardly accept a turn around.

They continue with everything possible; just to maintain hiding the cancer already eating up the truth they will never accept others to expose.

A corrupt individual or nation, needs more than a Doctor.

A doctor, who is ready at the most critical moment to continue with exposing the hidden cancer eating up the host; knowing too well, that exposing the cancer, will bring the desired changes required to attract researchers who has the anti-dote.

Researchers! Are technical individuals who spend more time on a particular issue of utmost importance to them, people or nation.

Most of the time, because of the nature of research, they fall into a group recognized as: “Think-tanks.


Think-Tanks are special species of individuals or group, who spend more time, without rest, working day and night on National issues; most times, with their own resources.

They use their own resources, because they never want to be interrupted by corruption.

Corruption will always Manifest, whenever they are at the pick of the solution to heal the cancer eating up the host.

Now, how do we identify a nation and those who are cancerous? And Think-tanks who has the anti-dotes?

Election & Voting: Why Nigerians Needs to be Obedient.

Image of Obedient ballot voting in an election in Nigeria
Photo Credit: unsplash.com @Element5Digital: Google

Your vote is powerful!

Be Obedient enough to use it wisely.

However, be part of the Obedient Nigerian Think-tanks; who respects the rule of law.

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