April 15, 2024
Anambra Reality Show event on BrainPower

Anambra Reality Show: Shine The Light program for young talented Ndị Anambra commenced with Anambra South.

The “Anambra Shine The Light Reality Show” started this day the 20th of June 2023 at ABS (Anambra Broadcasting Service).

Anambra Reality Show: Featuring

  1. Debating
  2. Puzzles
  3. Games
  4. Enterpreneurership
  5. Acting
  6. Comedy
  7. Singing
  8. Dancing

However, is great to mention that ASATU (Anambra State Association of Town Union) Youths National body led by Comr. Ken Okoli catalysed this program sponsored by Ikenga Umuawulu.

Vital Information on Anambra Reality Show

Below are the information gathered on the aftermaths of the meeting with the director of the Anambra State Shine the Light Reality Show project and the Anambra State Youth National body ASATU YOUTHS as led by her President: Comr KEN OKOLI

“First, the events is to kickstart on 20th June, 2023 which the Audition shall begin from the Anambra south having zoned it into the three senatorial zones in anambra state as following:

a, Anambra South
b, Anambra North
c, Anambra Central

Audition Timing 8am to 5pm each day

  1. Anambra South are to come for audition on Tuesday 20/06/2023.
  2. Anambra North are to come for audition on Wednesday 21/06/2023.
  3. Anambra Central are to come for audition on Thursday 22/06/2023.


All the 179 communities in Anambra State are expected to have 20 persons each from their respective communities.

From these 20 persons, 1 person would emerge as a winner during the audition and He or She will represent his own

After the Audition all the winners from the 179 communities will be back in the house.

They Will be in house for one (1) month and from the 179 community representatives, one person per LGA shall emerge as a winner to represent the LGA:

And that makes the person the star of the LGA where he or she emerged and to compete with the other 20 stars on a reality TV show that would be displayed to the world for two (2) months.

They will represent the symbols of 21 stars ⭐ in Anambra State logo. From the 21 stars ⭐, one will be the winner of the ₦20M (Twenty Million) worth of prices.

Use this opportunity now to become a millionaire and a celebrity.”

Contact the Youth leaders, lady’s organizers, ASATU Mayors, Governors, the organizer’s for more details

“The show facilitated by ABS and Alkebulan Production is designed to showcase the talents of Anambra Youths, groom the participants during the period of the event and for winners of the show.”


For more details, visit the Anambra Broadcasting Service Facebook Page

Thank you all. Age bracket 18-35 is expected to attend.


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