July 25, 2024
Nze Francis Dimude Burial Ceremony photos

Photos of Nze Francis Dimude Burial

Nze Francis Dimude Burial Ceremony took place at his country home in Amaebelebe quarter, Umueleke village, Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State.

23rd of June 2023, Late Nze Francis Ikechukwu Dimude (Ezekwesili) was buried-after a burial-mass at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Achina.

Bishop attended the Church service at St. Charles Catholic church Achina.

Watch video of late Francis Dimude Burial Church service at St. Charles Catholic Church Achina
Burial activities of Late Nze Francis Dimude captured on PLANET TV don’t miss this… Who is who attended.
Condolences from in-laws, friends and well wishers, relatives all sympathized with Dimude family over the death of Late Francis Dimude.

Nze Francis Dimude Burial Ceremony : Wake at Achina

Friends and well wishers, far and near attended the wake in honor of Late Francis Dimude.

Good number of Reverend Fathers across different Parishes of the Catholic Church was in Attendance .

22nd June, Wake burial ceremony at Dimude’s Compound Achina in honor of Ezekwesili

Day 2: Nze Francis Dimude Burial Ceremony continued with condolences

Dimude family continued to receive condolences from sympathizers far and near, relatives, in-laws, and community stakeholders.

Condolences continued on Day 2 been Saturday 24th of June 2023 with Masquerades far and near that worth watching
Don’t miss Mmonwu Iduu and other masquerades performance on PLANET TV
Igbanmowu took the stage and performed at the burial ceremony of late Francis Dimude of Umueze-Uda kindred in Umueleke village, Achina.

Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, lost indeed a Great Man Late Francis Ikechukwu Dimude (Ezinna) of Umuezeuda kindred.

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