April 19, 2024

Payment page

Payment page tag on BrainPower are special blog post that are mostly pointing to how to send money to Brainpowerplanet.com for products or services.

Who can send money

When you purchase our products or services, you are eligible to send money through the available channels on the blog post under this tag.

Those wishing to encourage and support the efforts for the development of this site brainpowerplanet.com that is not a minor; can send us money through the BrainPower channel

Minor is anyone below the age of 14 years.

Notice a minor

If you discovered that anyone below the age of 14 years has made a donation to our site payment channel, please do well to notify us through the Contact BrainPower page. We will do the needful.

Visit our company site Privacy Policy to learn more about us.

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