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Geoffrey Ezeribe Burial Ceremony took place on this day 11th August 2022 at Ugwuakwu, Umuchu, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Late Envoy Ambassador Geoffrey Chibueze Ezeribe

He was a dedicated Salvationist.

Member of Aguata LGA Washcom Federation. He was the Ugwuakwu Ward II Washcom Federation Chairman.

Geoffrey Ezeribe Burial Ceremony

Geoffrey Ezeribe was born into the family of Late Nwekeji Abraham and Janet Ezeribe in the year 1949.

Born into Umumeleke kindred, Ugwuakwu village Umuchu, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

11th August 2022 Geoffrey Ezeribe of Umuchu was buried

Geoffrey attended Salvation Army School at Umuchu.

Washcom Federation Chairman Geoffrey Ezeribe Burial

His Father was a native Dibịa!

But he later chose Christianity! And gave his life to Christ; in 1978. And never looked back.

He got married to Late Mrs. Ezeribe Celina Ihedinonu.

He was the recruiting sergeant of the salvation Army for 13 years.

He trained so many salvation Army soldiers.

Geoffrey Ezeribe Burial Ceremony:The Salvationist Geoffrey

He worked as Assistant Corps Sergeant.

And was later, Commissioned as the Corps Sergeant Major of Umuchu Central Corps.

He headed his kindred Umumeleke for 11 years.

Geoffrey Ezeribe died on the 3rd of May 2022; as announced by the family.

Ezeribe Tochukwu Geoffrey (Osinanna) Son, for the family.

May his soul rest in peace! Amen!!!


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Geoffrey Ezeribe of Aguata LGA Washcom Federation was a very serious member who devoted his time to humanitarian and community service. We are proud of him.

Event Gallery!

WASHCOM chairman Aguata with Freeman at Geoffrey Ezeribe burial ceremony
Aguata LGA Washcom Federation Chairman & CBO
Poster of Geoffrey Ezeribe burial containing burial arrangements
Geoffrey Ezeribe

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