April 15, 2024
Christmas to Akpo People by Cyrax LTD Sharing items at Church location

Photos of Cyrax LTD Christmas to Akpo People

Christmas to Akpo People by Cyrax LTD a Humanitarian services company owned by Mr Ogochukwu Ndubuisi of Akpo community in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Is not a new thing in Akpo community in Aguata LGA, about what Cyrax Humanitarian services Ltd does. This company started since 2021 to share food stuff to the people of Akpo community.

It will interest you to know that Mr Ogochukwu Ndubuisi the founder of Cyrax Humanitarian services Ltd, built Holy Family Catholic Church; including the Reverend Father’s house single handedly.

The 2023 episode of the Humanitarian gesture by Ogochukwu Ndubuisi featured Cow, mini bags of Rice and other Christmas items to the Akpo people selected from different villages in Akpo.

Evidence Photos and Video Recording Achina covered the event and it was aired on PLANET TV by BrainPower.

Christmas to Akpo People by Cyrax LTD

Here is the captured videos from the event:

Church service was held to thank God for the life of Ogochukwu Ndubuisi the founder Cyrax LTD and blessing of the Christmas items by the Reverend Father
Cyrax LTD donated Christmas items was shared peacefully to the people that was chosen from each village in Akpo
Here is the Photobook that presented important moments of the event powered by Cyrax LTD on the 23rd of December 2023.

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