July 25, 2024
Survival Thanksgiving Ezekigbo Samuel with family

Ezekigbo Samuel Survival Thanksgiving Photos with Family

Survival Thanksgiving Ezekigbo Samuel held on this day the 17th of December 2023 at St Charles Catholic Parish Achina was captured by BrainPower.

Nze Chukwujekwu Samuel Ezekigbo (Eze Di Ike Na Mba) Survived a motor accident in 2022 with some members of his family. He is thankful to God for his grace.

Survival Thanksgiving Ezekigbo Samuel

Here is the details of the survival Thanksgiving and celebration captured on PLANET TV by BrainPower:

Ezekigbo Samuel Survival Thanksgiving church service at St Charles Catholic Church Achina was attended by friends and family.
Nze Chukwujekwu Ezekigbo (Eze Di Ike Na Mba) came back to his home with joy; and prayers was offered to God for his mercy.
BrainPower Digital Photobook captured important moments that shaped the Thanksgiving event.

This post was sponsored on BrainPower by Nze Chukwujekwu Samuel Ezekigbo (Eze Di Ike Na Mba).

May God mercy continue to reign in his life.

I am destined to win!

Old things have passed away. This kind of situation will never befall my family from this moment in Jesus name. Amen!

Eze Di Ike Na Mba: Samuel Ezekigbo.

Here is Samuel Ezekigbo 2023 Wedding & Reception that attracted dignitaries far and near, captured by BrainPower.

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