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Govt Approved Amaiyi LGA Achina

The Struggle for the Creation of the Defunct Amaiyi L.G.A

The struggle for the creation of Aguata south local government area commenced by the end of 1980 when the Anambra state government announced plans to create new local government areas.

The struggle was led by late Chief Dr. P.C. Ezeanuna but was initiated by the “Mbara Oye Clan.”

Mbara Orie Clan Contribution

Early in 1981, the people expected government to announce the list of the new local areas, Mbara Oye Clan had meeting to suggest a befitting name for the Aguata south local government.

It was in the meeting that HRH, Igwe G.O. Ezechukwu KSP, JP (Okwuloha I of Umuchu) suggested the name “Amaiyi,” and it was accepted and adopted by the Mbara Oye clan because of the presence of streams within the geographical area.

The committee finding

In the middle of 1981, a committee for state creation and boundary adjustment was inaugurated by the state government under the administration of the then Governor of old Anambra state:

His Excellency Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, who was the first state Governor to visit Achina as the headquarters of Amaiyi local government area.

Govt Approved Amaiyi LGA Achina : Consideration

However, this committee inaugurated by the state government, led by Mr. D.O Nwosu on Amaiyi LGA, in its report found out after visiting “Achina and Ikpa-Ofe,” and after all consideration came to an inevitable conclusion:

That Achina should be the headquarters of Aguata South L.G.A (Amaiyi L.G.A) and it was accepted by his Excellency the then Executive Governor of Anambra state, Chief Jim Nwaobodo.

The state creation and boundary adjustment committee led by Chief Arthor C.I Mbanefo (CON) (Odu of Onitsha) also upheld the recommendation that Achina should be the headquarters of Aguata South LGA (Amaiyi LGA).

Govt Approved Amaiyi LGA Achina

Constituent Towns

The new local government area was made up of the following communities: Achina, Uga, Umuchu, Akpo, Amesi, Nkpologwu, Oneh, Enugwu-Umuoyia, Agbudu and Umumaku.

More information on the struggle for the creation of Amaiyi LGA, and the committee members is available on page 73-75 of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages an eBook on Achina History by Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

Government was influenced in its decision by the more than 50 acres of land provided by Achina which is strategically located and it complied with the schedule of local government creation Amendment:

“Bill N0. 23 of 25th November 1981 vol 6 s/n 18 under which Amaiyi Local Government Area was created in 1982 with headquarters in Achina.”

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