April 15, 2024

Ezeanuna family mourn Onwujimma of Umuezediukwa kindred in Umuezeiyi village, Achina, in Aguata LGA, Anambra State.

Watch the video of her entry and the burial ceremony church service below:

Burial activities and entry of Onwujimma in Ezeanuna compound

The great Ezeanuna family of Umuohaeshie kindred in Umulekwe sub-village in today Isi-Achina community mourn late Onwujimma a great woman.

Don’t miss the burial ceremony activities captured on PLANET TV below by BrainPower:

Native burial rites was accorded to Onwujimma; watch out on PLANET TV

The entire Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State Mourn late Ezinne Florence Onwujimma Ezeanuna born 1939; who died on the 17th day of January 2023.

Activities continued next day for Onwujimma burial and condolences

Ezeanuna family Mourn Onwujimma: burial ceremony

Onwujimma was buried on this day the 24th of March 2023 at her husband compound at Umulekwe in Ezeanuna family.

Onwujimma Ezeanuna was led to rest at her family: BrainPower picture
Chief Patrick Ezeanuna and family at Onwujimma grave-side
Chief Patrick Ezeanuna (Nze Akubueze) demonstrating final goodbye to Nne Onwujimma

Onwujimma in History

Ezeanuna family mourn Onwujimma burial poster
Onwujimma Ezeanuna burial poster

Late Mrs Florence Onwujimma Ezeanuna (Nee: Ezembamalu) was a very strong successful woman. She survived odds.

When the beautiful ones were married by those who deserves them, she got married to her husband Nze Ezennaya, and they where blessed with numerous children.

Onwujimma was know with making “Ntucha” known also as “Ọkpa” and trained her children with it after the death of her good husband Ezennaya Nwa Ezeanuna.

Happily, God blessed Onwujimma and her children; both Male and female. And they succeeded in different fields making her grandmother; and she died a great grandmother.

Burial ceremony of late Onwujimma Ezeanuna
Ezeanuna family mourning Onwujimma 24th of March 2023

Fruit of Her womb with Blessings of God

Chief Patrick Ezeanuna (Nze Akubueze) her first Son, is a successful man with children; and succeeded as a man overseas.

War Material! Chief Donatus Ezeanuna the great: “Ogbunaechendo” Chief Omenukoaku succeeded overseas and built businesses in Nigeria with great Government contact.

Chibuike Ezeanuna, Ozonwereibe, her last Son equally succeeded overseas and comfortable in Nigeria.

Late Mrs Florence Onwujimma Ezeanuna is rated a successful woman. All her female children are happily married with kids.

Chief Patrick Ezeanuna for the family.

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